Implementing a Uniform Civil Code in India: Challenges and Opportunities

Uniform Civil Code

Written by Aditya Shaurya Abstract The study focuses on issues related to the absence of a Uniform Civil Code, highlighting the challenges faced by the country due to the application of personal laws to its citizens. India, a diverse nation with various religions and languages, is united by a sense of nationalism despite its many … Read more

The Gaza War : Selling Arms to Israel Violates International Law

The Gaza War Selling Arms to Israel Violates...

Written by Mahek Patel From: Lovely Professional University Introduction The persistent struggle between Israel and Palestine within the heart of the centre east has reliably been a cause of around-the-world concern. This struggle has centred on the Gaza Strip, an intensely populated coastal range that has been hit hardest by savage clashes and compassionate fiascos. … Read more

Seeking Sanctuary: Navigating the Complexities of Asylum

Complexities of Asylum

Written by Navraj Singh from: Lovely Professional University Introduction In a world flooding with clashes, abuse, and savagery, searching for asylum frequently gets to be the ultimate reference point of belief for those getting away with abuse and danger. Security travel is full of challenges, legal impediments, and passionate turmoil. As nations snare with the … Read more

International Submarine Communication Cables and Cyber Security Threats

International Submarine Communication

Written by Nidhi Choudhary Introduction The submarine communication cables form a vast network on the seabed and transmit massive amounts of data across oceans. They provide over 95% of international telecommunications — not via satellites as it is commonly assumed. The global submarine network is the “backbone” of the Internet and enables the ubiquitous use … Read more

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Written by Tosheeq Ahmed Abstract The greatest foundation of a family and society is a woman. She gives birth to life, nurtures, shapes, and strengthens it. She also transmits tradition and serves as a vehicle for passing down culture from one generation to the next. Tragically, she is treated with great injustice in our nation. … Read more

Insanity Defence: An Escape Route for Criminals

Insanity Defence

This blog is written by Snigdha Sharma, B.A.LL.B(Hons), Lovely Professional University Abstract The Indian legal system governs and takes care of the world’s largest democracy. When the legal system has to deal with a wide variety of races, castes, classes and various other social distinctions, it becomes very difficult to make such a law which … Read more

Defence through Unity: The Role of Collective Security in safeguarding International Defence

Defence through Unity

This article “Defence through Unity: The Role of Collective Security in Safeguarding International Defence” is written by Prerna Puthela, a student from Lovely Professional University. “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE” Introduction An international system is a group of sovereign states with vastly different ideologies, interests, capabilities, structures, and goals, thus chances of conflict are, … Read more

NGT: National Green Tribunal Act 2010

National Green Tribunal (NGT)

This article is written by Anu Sharma, a 3rd year student pursuing a B.A.LLB (Hons.) from Lovely Professional University, School of Law. Phagwara, Punjab This is an exhaustive article dealing with the establishment of the National Green Tribunal. The article includes the need and the objectives of the tribunal, its composition, contribution and the need … Read more

The Privacy Dilemma: Examining User Perspectives in Social Media

The privacy

Written by Sukhmandeep Kaur, a 4th-semester student at Lovely Professional University. Abstract Today’s information/digital age offers widespread use of social media. The use of social media is ubiquitous and cuts across all age groups, social classes and cultures. However, the increased use of these media is accompanied by privacy issues and ethical concerns. These privacy … Read more

Land Locked State: Understand The Unique Challenges of Landlocked Nations

Land Locked State

This article is written by Dev Bansal a student of Lovely Professional University. During World War I and World War II, there has been a noticeable shift in the focus when it comes to the unique issues faced by land-locked states. There were only four independent land-locked states outside of Europe before 1914: Ethiopia (which … Read more