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Strike and Lockout

Strikes and Lockouts Meaning | Difference between Strike and Lockout

strike and lockout in labour law are the actions taken by the employees and employers respectively to fulfil their demands. The strike is the remedy for employees while the lockout is the remedy is for the employer of the company or industry. In the struggle between the employers and employees, lockout and strikes work as […]

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Independence of the Judiciary and doctrine of Separation of Powers

Independence of the Judiciary

The Independence of the judiciary plays a major role to give fair justice. Any interference of any organ of the country, in the proceedings of the judiciary, makes the decision biased. The independence of the judiciary in India protects the fundamental rights and protects our constitution of India. We will discuss how and why the

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How a bill becomes Act?

How a bill becomes Act?

In India, the parliament passes the bill. The private person or ministers of the States introduce the bill in the Parliament. The constitution of India gives the various stages to pass the Bill. The Bill when passed from both the houses of the parliament and take the assent from the President of India, Bill becomes

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White-collar Crimes

White-collar Crimes

Any antisocial activity which is carried by the upper-level person in the course of their business or occupation is known as white-collar crimes. History The concept of white-collar crime was firstly introduced by E.H. Sutherland. His work in the field of this area attracted the attention of criminologists. He said that there are anti-social activities

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