Best Paraphrasing tool for academic writing

Best Paraphrasing tool for academic writing

Paraphrasing is a must-do technique when it comes to writing. Students often suffer while writing their final thesis reports because they don’t know how to write unique content. plagiarism is a major issue in academic writing, you can’t even use your content (self-plagiarism). You must paraphrase the content you want to add to your thesis.

Different AI tools are available online that help you create unique content. but choosing a suitable tool for your writing is a tough task. Here I have mentioned the best paraphrasing tool for you to help you paraphrase and rewrite the content.

What is academic writing

You might already be familiar with the term academic writing if you are a student. Academic writing is a formal type of writing which you see in articles, journals, theses, and books. A college student must know how to do academic writing to complete their assignments.

Academic writing includes data from literature and others’ publications so correct referencing is also important. you can’t use others’ data without mentioning their reference. Students often struggle in academic writing when they don’t know how to paraphrase content but now AI has created a solution to these struggles.

Now you can rewrite content with a simple click. Even after paraphrasing, the content does not belong to you; it must also be given a correct reference number.

How to rephrase content?

Manual paraphrasing takes time and energy but it is still worth doing because AI can never be a substitute for human skills. Also if you know the right pattern of paraphrasing only then you can analyze the quality of content generated by AI tools.

The simple technique of paraphrasing is to read, think, and rewrite. You must have great vocabulary and writing skills to paraphrase a given content. Rephrase, paraphrase, and rewrite techniques are similar to each other.

First, read the content carefully then highlight the important words and replace them with correct synonyms. You can also change the entire sentence structure if required. A lot of tutorial videos are available online to help you learn English manual paraphrasing techniques.

Best paraphrasing tool

Millions of AI writing tools are available online and offline that claim to be the best tools. But there is no such thing called the best (perfect) tool in today’s world because nothing is perfect ever. The best tool in comparison to all other tools available online is the smart paraphraser. It is a free online tool that rewrites and rephrases content in the best possible way.

It paraphrases the content in three unique styles i.e. standard, fluency, and formal. As I mentioned above academic writing is a formal type of writing, formal mode of smart paraphraser is best for you to paraphrase content for your academic writing. A smart paraphraser is a multilingual tool; it can paraphrase the content in different languages. You can rephrase ninety words at a time. Both professors and students can easily use the smart paraphraser tool for their academic writing.

How to use Smart Paraphraser

Below are the simple steps to use the smart paraphraser smoothly;

  • Browse the smart paraphraser tool on your internet browser.
  • Copy the content that you want to rewrite.
  • Paste the content in the smart paraphraser dashboard.
  • Select the mode of writing according to your requirement.
  • Press the “paraphrase” button on the bottom right corner.

Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter is another tool for paraphrasing content. it rewrites the given content by using correct synonyms and changing the sentence structure. It is also a free tool that is easy to use as well. Beginners can use it well in their academic writing.


This content was about suggesting to you the best paraphrasing tool that I trust for academic writing. following are the tidbits of the above content;

  • Paraphrasing is a writing technique that is used to rewrite content in other words. The main idea of the content remains the same but the words are different.
  • The paraphrasing technique is mostly required in academic writing where you take data from different sources.
  • Three simple steps of manual paraphrasing are read, think, and rewrite.
  • The best AI paraphrasing tool for academic writing is the smart paraphraser. It is a free tool that generates unique content with just one click. It saves you time and effort in rewriting the content manually.
  • Another best paraphrasing tool is the article rewriter which rewrites the given content. it is also tried and tested by experts.

I hope this content has stopped your search for the best paraphrasing tool and answered your queries about the importance of paraphrasing in academic writing. I wish you a great experience with the smart paraphrase tool.

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