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Debt Recovery Laws in India

Debt Recovery Laws in India

In our day-to-day life, we enter into numerous financial transactions involving significant amounts of money and other ailed components. With the increasing commercialization and globalization, the transfer of money has become an absolute necessity and all the entities ranging from small shopkeepers to large-scale businessmen are taking loans and other financial assistance to survive in …

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Dissolution of a partnership firm

Different modes for the Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Dissolution of partnership means to stop or end the business of the partnership firm by all partners of the partnership firm. Dissolution of partnership and dissolution of partnership firm are two different situations. When a partner takes retirement or leaves the partnership, the business of partnership remains continues with other partners of the firm. But …

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What is partnership deed

What is Partnership Deed?

A partnership deed under the partnership act 1932 is a legal and written document that contains an agreement between two or more persons, who have a mutual intention to carry on business as partners and share profits and losses. A partnership agreement may be written or oral, but, According to the Partnership Act, there is …

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