The Interface between Industrial Design and Copyright Law: A Comparative Study

industrial design and copyright law

In recent years, there has been an increasing overlap between the fields of industrial design and copyright law. This interface raises several legal and practical challenges, including the determination of the scope of protection, the evaluation of originality and novelty, and the identification of infringement. As such, it has become a topic of great relevance … Read more

What is Intellectual Property and How Can Businesses Protect it?

Intellectual Property

For businesses, the term “intellectual property” (IP) usually refers to any assets that are not physical in nature, but which can still deliver significant value. While this definition is relatively broad, the legal mechanisms that allow businesses to secure their intellectual property are much more specific about what constitutes an IP asset and what is … Read more

7 Important Intellectual Property Rights in India

Intellectual property rights in India

Intellectual property rights (IPR) is a topic that is used in every field of education. Whether it’s science, math, medicine or the field of agriculture, we need these intellectual property rights to save our research and data.  We protect our physical property so that nobody can misuse our property or take any benefit from our … Read more

Procedure to obtain copyright

Copyright | Advantages and procedure to obtain copyright

Procedure to Obtain Copyright In order to register poetry copyright to mark the originality and uniqueness of your poetry to protect it from the illegal works of others, it is mandatory to register your poem with all the rules and procedures in order to mark the unique content of the poetry. It is a very … Read more

Patent Laws in India- Rights and obligations of Patentee

What is Patent?

A Patent is a monopoly right granted by the Act to the person who has invented a new and useful invention or the newness of an already existing article or any new process to the making of an old invention. The modern period is the era of science and technology. Every person is working on … Read more