Starting a Legal Blog: 10 Essential Tips for Lawyers

Starting a Legal Blog

Law firms find it important to write blogs about legal topics. This helps them promote themselves and attract more clients. When lawyers write blogs, they can demonstrate their knowledge of the law. They also provide useful information to readers and connect with potential clients. This makes them more visible on the internet. Blogging offers numerous … Read more

How electronic water flow control valves work: Explained for beginners

electronic water flow control valves work

For the purpose of fluid dynamics, high pressure flow control valve plays a key role and it stands as a silent architect in the movement of water with accuracy. For beginners, understanding valve technology can be a challenging task but by staying with us you can make an informed decision about how these technologies operate … Read more

10 Must Tech Tools That A Lawyer Should Have

Tech Tools That A Lawyer Should Have

Technology has transformed virtually every industry, and the legal profession is no exception. Lawyers now rely on a variety of tech tools to run their practices more efficiently and provide better service to their clients.  Having the right tech can save lawyers time and effort while also keeping sensitive client information secure. This allows attorneys … Read more

What is Female Foeticide? Meaning & Causes

What is Female Foeticide?

When the foetus of a girl child is destroyed, it sows the seed of numerable suffering for our future generation, affecting the society as a whole! Justice Dipak Mishra From the ages, a girl child is always respected in our society and even considered a reincarnation of our holy goddess. However, with time, they are … Read more

The Privacy Dilemma: Examining User Perspectives in Social Media

The privacy

Written by Sukhmandeep Kaur, a 4th-semester student at Lovely Professional University. Abstract Today’s information/digital age offers widespread use of social media. The use of social media is ubiquitous and cuts across all age groups, social classes and cultures. However, the increased use of these media is accompanied by privacy issues and ethical concerns. These privacy … Read more

Understanding your basic rights a simple guide to Natural Rights

guide to Natural Rights

Rights are those claims which are recognized by society and protected by the state to ensure the complete lives of individuals. Rights should be reasonable, logical, and rational are should be right. Rights are essential in one’s life. Rights means social claims and these claims are protected by law… Rights are those conditions or guarantees … Read more

The Role of Legal Representation in Auto Accident Cases

Legal Representation in Auto Accident Cases

Car crashes can have a profound impact on people’s lives by resulting in serious injuries, psychological suffering, and heavy financial costs. You must have legal assistance when faced with such conditions. Car accident victims frequently struggle with the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies, paying for their medical care, and figuring out the complicated legal … Read more

Harassment by Phone: Know Your Rights and Take Action


The article “Harassment by Phone: Know Your Rights and Take Action” was written by Abhishek Kumar Rajak, a student of Lovely Professional University. Many people experience the upsetting sort of harassment that comes with receiving unsolicited phone calls on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are practical tactics that may be used to address this problem … Read more