Women Safety in India Essay

Women Safety in India Essay

The safety of women in India has become a major issue over a period of time. The crime rate against women in India is increasing day by day. Now the situation is that women think twice before going anywhere alone. In particular, nighttime is considered a dangerous time for women in India to travel or

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Dissolution of a partnership firm

Different modes for the Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Dissolution of partnership means to stop or end the business of the partnership firm by all partners of the partnership firm. Dissolution of partnership and dissolution of partnership firm are two different situations. When a partner takes retirement or leaves the partnership, the business of partnership remains continues with other partners of the firm. But

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What is partnership deed

What is Partnership Deed?

A partnership deed under the partnership act 1932 is a legal and written document that contains an agreement between two or more persons, who have a mutual intention to carry on business as partners and share profits and losses. A partnership agreement may be written or oral, but, According to the Partnership Act, there is

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what is consideration?

What is consideration?

Consideration in contract law refers to something paid by one person to another in return for goods or services. It comes under the basics of a contract which makes the contract enforceable by law. Consideration in a contract is made the contract a valid contract. It is the price of the contract which is to

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