Water Pollution- Causes and Preventions of water pollution

Water Pollution- Causes and Prevention of water pollution

When the toxic substances enter into the water bodies such as lakes, oceans, rivers, and many others, getting dissolved into them and make the water toxic is called water pollution. It decreases the water quality and danger of human lives. For example, a factory releasing inadequately wastewater into the river cause the water of river toxic in nature which may lead to the cause of disease to the person who will drink or use that water. We will be discussing the causes of water pollution and prevention of water pollution.

Water Pollution

This can be divided into two parts

Organic Pollution- it is caused by microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

Chemical Pollution- this pollution is caused by chemicals used in industries, human and animal drugs, and pesticides. 

Causes of water pollution

Unfortunately, human activities are most responsible for water pollution. Many of the activities done by humans are causing an effect on it. The natural sources are also there which are contributing to decrease the water quality.


Sewage or wastewater is a big reason for the pollution of water. According to the UN, more than 80% of wastewater goes back to the rivers and oceans through over the world without being treated or reused.

Agriculture pollution

The use of pesticides for the crop is a common factor to pollute groundwater resources. These highly toxic medicines get mixed in the rainwater which causes an increase in pollution.

 Industrial waste

Our industries produce a huge amount of waste materials which includes the toxic substance and pollutants which cause air pollution if burn and damage our environment. There are many industries which do not have the proper management over this waste material and they drain this waste material into the natural bodies of water like river and oceans which is polluting the water in very high rate. These toxic chemicals can change the temperature of the water and also the colour of the water.


It is the process of crushing the rock and extracts coal and minerals by digging underground. These extracted elements are as toxic as they can pollute the water by mixing in it, which may result in many health diseases. This process also emits the least amount of metal waste in the water which is not good for water.

Marine Dumping

Any type of garbage that is produced in the house is also dumped in the river or ocean which also affects the water. In the waste material of the house, there are lots of things in it like, paper, plastic, glass, or many other things which take 2 weeks to 200 years to decompose. So you can imagine how bad we are doing with our natural resources.

Causes of water pollution

Accidental oil leak

The oil does not dissolve into the water and if the oil spill in the water it is the threat to marine life. A ship carrying a large amount of oil may spill the oil into the sea if any accident occurs with that ship and the oil will create a danger to the marine life though it will depend upon the quantity of oil and toxicity of the oil.

Burning of fossil fuels

When we burn the fossil fuels the ash produced by a burning process that can get mixed in the water vapour and result in the acid rain and the water of acid rain will mix in the natural water.

Leakage for sewer lines

A normal leakage in the sewer line can pollute the underground water and will make it unsafe to drink that water.

Radioactive waste 

We produce nuclear energy by using nuclear fission or fission. The uranium is used for the production of nuclear energy which is highly toxic in nature. Nuclear waste is produced by nuclear waste which should be disposed of to prevent any nuclear accident. But sometimes it gets mixed in the water and toxic the water which can be a serious environmental hazard.

Urban development

The population is growing at a very fast rate which causes a decrease in the resources to survive. The factories are making the material for use at a very fast rate so increasing the use of fertilizers to produce more food and another necessary thing which causes pollution.

Underground storage leakage  

It is known to every person that the coal and other petroleum products are being stored in the underground pipes or tanks. So, there are the chances of accidental leakage which can pollute the underground water which is harmful to human beings.

Prevention of water pollutions

Water pollution can be decreased by taking some steps in our daily use and taking some steps by the government to remove the toxic elements from the water. Let’s discuss the Prevention of water pollution.

Industrial treatment

The wastewater which is releasing by the industries direct into the river must be treated in the water treatment plants before it is released into the water. The water which is hot in temperature should be put in a tank for some time and release after it comes in natural temperature.

Ozone wastewater treatment

It is a popular method for the treatment of water. The ozone generator breaks down the pollutants present in water and also oxidizes the bacteria and other organic materials.

Septic tanks

There should be the use of septic tanks to reduce water pollution.

The thing you can do for the prevention of water pollution

  • Do not flush the pills and other chemicals into the down the sink.
  • Do not through the garbage into the rivers.
  • Use the minimum amount of soap while washing clothes.
  • Conserve the water.
  • Take care, not to overuse pesticides and fertilizers.

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