5 Educational Tools for Students to Improve their Assignment Write-up

5 Educational Tools for Students to Improve their Assignment Write-up

Assignment writing is an integral part of student life. No matter which level a student is at, they are required to complete assignments. It can take the form of essays, book reports, or even research.

However, most students don’t really wish to do these assignments and end up doing them improperly. This results in poor grades and can cause a student to fail their course.

The main reason assignments are so important is that their grades are part of the entire semester/term’s grade. To pass a course, it is necessary for students to achieve excellent grades on their assignments.

So, here are five types of tools that students can use to improve their assignment writing.

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5 Tools for Enhancing Assignment Writing

The types of tools mentioned in this list help students improve their assignment write-ups.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tools are very useful for students who want to improve their assignment write-ups.

A paraphrasing tool is considered an educational tool because by using it students can passively learn a larger vocabulary. They can also learn better sentence formation and phrasing.

Paraphrasing ToolMost paraphrasing tools are freemium, meaning they can be used for free albeit with some limitations. Many rephrasing tools come with multiple types of rewording and rephrasing modes.

Some modes are specialized for replacing words, others for phrases, and then there are some modes that do a mix of both. By seeing how a tool rephrases the given text, students can learn new vocabulary, word choices, and better sentence formation.

Online Text Editor

Text editors are one of the most important tools for an assignment because they are used to actually write it.

Online Text EditorAn online text editor is great for improving the quality of an assignment write-up because of a few reasons:

  • They automatically save your work, so, no data loss.
  • Can point out common mistakes
  • Can provide suggestions for better wording or phrasing

Most online notepads allow you to type in an unlimited number of words. You also don’t have to save manually, because they automatically save your work.

You can utilize a notepad for writing your assignments and adding images to them. Once you are done, you can download the write-up as a file. And you can also upload it if you need to edit it further.

Text Summarizing Tool

Summarizing tools are quite useful in assignment writing. Usually, students have to use the works of others to support their own arguments. However, they don’t have the time or energy to write copious amounts of another person’s work.

5 Educational Tools for Students to Improve their Assignment Write-upThe same is true for the teachers who have to check the assignments. So, in order to keep everything clear and concise, students can utilize a text summarizing tool.

Text summarizers can extract the “gist of the matter.” Any text that is provided to them can be shortened. The summarized text only provides the core information and leaves out all the surrounding details. This is good because it allows the reader to understand just enough without overwhelming them.

Students who find it difficult to keep their assignments clear and concise can get help from text summarizing tools to improve their write-ups.

Grammar Checker

Impeccable grammar is required for getting good grades on assignments. Without correct spelling, proper punctuation, and word order, teachers have a hard time understanding what is written. This obviously results in bad grades because teachers can easily misunderstand the content.

5 Educational Tools for Students to Improve their Assignment Write-upTo rectify this and improve the quality of your assignment writing students can rely on grammar-checking tools.

Grammar checkers are considered educational because they provide explanations about mistakes. By reading the explanations and seeing the correction, students can learn how to avoid making those mistakes in the future.

These tools typically highlight or underline the incorrect parts. Clicking on them shows you the explanation and the suggested correction as well. Most grammar checkers support file uploading, so, students will have no problems checking their assignments for errors.

Content Analyzing Tool

Content analysis tools are great for improving the quality of an assignment. They can provide valuable information such as the reading grade, the number of instances of passive voice, adverbs, and other things like that.

5 Educational Tools for Students to Improve their Assignment Write-upBasically, they tell you about the things that make your text look weak. By following the suggestions provided by these, students can learn to write in a confident and convincing manner.

The assignments that are good according to the content analysis tools are typically very easy to read. This facilitates the teachers who have to check the assignments as well.


These were five types of educational tools that help students to improve their assignment write-ups.

The usage of these tools is accompanied by passive learning as well. Just by seeing how these tools work, students can learn that knowledge and start incorporating it into their own writing.

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