Exercise and Workout Calorie Burn Calculation

Exercise and Workout are critical to keeping yourself physically fit. It is not a improves your physical health but also very beneficial for your brain health and you can save yourself from many chronic diseases. We have no idea how many calories we burn during our favorite activities. To get the knowledge of carolicburn, Is crucial to maintain your fitness. So, you can maintain your weight by knowing the number of calories that you are burning during any activity. This daunting task can be made easy with the help of calculatorweightloss.com online.

In this blog, we will clarify how calorie burn affects your health. How many calories are necessary for your body and how you can calculate your calories?  Also, we will discuss how you can lose or gain weight by burning or consuming calories with the help of exercise and workouts. So let’s start:

How Your Body Adapts to Weight Loss?

In order to slow down the rate of metabolism there are many things that are important to be considered. Some people need to weight lose because they get overweight due to a healthy diet. We suggest that you the weight loss calculator which is an incredible one. It helps you by suggesting many terms by which you can lose your body weight.

If you have desired to decrease the calories for the purpose of weight loss but if you decrease these too much and below the average calories that you may need every day If you do, we warn, that you’ll end up hurting your chances of achieving your goals.

Calculating Calorie Burn for Different Exercises and Workouts:

Over time this reduction leads to weight loss. No doubt, for some individuals calorie calculations are a challenging task but it can be made easy by using the weight loss planner because this tool has many functions like weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain. 

But for manually there are some factors that are considered to be important that are given as follows;

  •   Unit of measurement
  •   Gender either you calculate for male or female
  •   Estimation of age is necessary
  •   Level of activity during the whole day.
  •   Your present weight

Mifflin-St Jeor Equation:

  •   BMR = (10.m + 6.25h – 5.0a) + s


○        m = Mass (kg),

○        h = Height (cm),

○        a = Age (years)

Katch-McArdle Equation:

  • Katch = 370 + (21.6 * LBM)
  • LBM = lean body mass

Revised Harris-Benedict Equation:

  • MEN = (13.397m + 4.799h – 5.677a) + 88.362
  • WOMEN = (9.247m + 3.098h – 4.330a) + 447.593

        m = Mass (kg)

        h = Height (cm)

        a = Age (years)

Benefits of Cross-Training For Weight Loss and Fitness:

Cross-training provides a tuneful combination of the circulatory system, muscle power, and mental excitement. Exercises and drills are not just for physical fitness, it also offers brain fitness. The weight is lost by cross-training in the way burn fat, gain strength, and improve your endurance. You will burn calories more virtually by trying various activities. Besides this, you can calculate the burned calories by weight loss calculator.

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How to Maintain Weight While Eating Out?

As you journey through your life from childhood to old age, your calorie intake decreases. The reason behind this deficiency is that your muscles are intense and their mass decreases naturally. Due to this, the calories in your body decrease and you slip toward old age. Therefore the adults need more energy to survive and get more nutrition.


Food Serving Size Calories kJ
→ Vegetables ←
Broccoli 1 cup 45 188
Carrots 1 cup 50 209
Asparagus 1 cup 27 113
Eggplant 1 cup 35 147
Lettuce 1 cup 5 21
Cucumber 4 oz. 17 71
Tomato 1 cup 22 92
                                                                      → Proteins ←
Beef, regular, cooked 2 oz. 142 595
Tofu 4 oz. 86 360
Egg 1 large 78 327
Chicken, cooked 2 oz. 136 569
Fish, Catfish, cooked 2 oz. 136 569
Shrimp, cooked 2 oz. 56 234
Pork, cooked 2 oz. 137 574
                                                          → Beverages and Diaries ←
Diet Coke 1 can 0 0
Milk (Whole) 1 cup 146 611
Beer 1 can 154 645
Yogurt (low-fat) 1 cup 154 645
Orange Juice 1 cup 111 465
Apple cider 1 cup 117 490
Yogurt (non-fat) 1 cup 110 461
Bread, white 1 slice (1 oz.) 75 314
Butter 1 tablespoon 102 427


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