Originality Matters: Guide for Creating Plagiarism-Free Essays

Essays are an integral part of the academic process. It allows educators to assess the research and communication abilities of their students. However, the biggest challenge for students while writing essays is to avoid plagiarism. It becomes a massive issue when they are asked to write essays on topics they don’t have the best knowledge. Moreover, students show a lazy attitude while writing and performing research on a particular topic. They usually rely on a limited number of sources while doing research. This practice often leads to the inclusion of plagiarized patches in their content.

Writing quality essays can help students earn good grade points and prepare themselves for future careers, which may involve writing on various topics. Additionally, giving presentations has become an inevitable part of most jobs; writing quality essays also helps students gain experience in preparing meaningful presentations. However, it is often observed that many students are still unaware of tips and tricks that can be helpful for them in creating plagiarism-free essays. This unawareness can cost them highly valuable grade points.

In addition, the inability to write plagiarism-free content for essays will make it difficult for them to ensure quality writing in the future. 

This article discusses a few helpful tips and tricks to guide students in writing plagiarism-free essays. 

Further details are given below:

Schedule Essay-Writing Process

The first thing you need to do to ensure plagiarism-free essays is schedule the entire process and divide it into three equal phases. These phases are research, writing, and proofreading, respectively. You can’t overlook one phase and focus more on the other. 

Doing so will not only affect the quality of the content in your essay but also lead to the inclusion of plagiarism. Scheduling your work will also help you avoid procrastination. 

Otherwise, you may start working on the essay-writing task when the submission date is around the corner, and your last option will be resorting to plagiarism to complete the essay well in time.

Proper Research is the Key

Some students overlook the research process while writing essays and face consequences by submitting plagiarized essays. Their biggest mistake is relying on a single source or two while researching. This practice leads to accidental research as the mind of an essay writer is filled with content or information obtained from a limited number of sources. The writer unwillingly jots down the same information while writing an essay, which causes duplication. Hence, research should be done properly by reviewing all relevant research sources available in books, journals, articles, and website content to ensure unique, compelling, up-to-date, and plagiarism-free content.

Take Notes While Doing Research

While doing research is necessary to write a plagiarism-free essay, it is also essential to take notes. The habit of taking notes while researching a particular topic allows you to jot down critical information in your own words. Don’t try to note everything. Your notes should briefly describe particular takeaways so you can write necessary things in your own words. The main objective behind taking notes while doing before writing an essay should be to create an outline. 

Many people end up including plagiarized patches in their essays because of a lack of structure and necessary information. Hence, you can easily tackle the issues above by taking notes.

Go Through Your Research Notes Before Writing

After making research notes and organizing them as an outline providing a basic structure for your essay, it is time to write it. Before you start working on your essay, it is important to read your notes attentively. This practice will help you memorize important information. Make sure that you are explaining everything in your own words. Even if you find words from another author more appealing, explaining important things in your own words is your job. Failure to do so may lead to plagiarism in your essay. The purpose of writing an essay is not paraphrasing already written things but reflecting your own narrative on a particular topic, and it is only possible when you write in your own words.

Use an Efficient Plagiarism Checker

Once you finish writing your essay’s initial draft, take a break. After taking the break, it is time to review the written content and figure out possible flaws for timely rectification. The process also involves checking content for plagiarism. In the old days, plagiarism check was done by comparing written content with research sources. However, this method didn’t help identify accidental plagiarism. However, you can identify various types of duplication in the content using an authentic plagiarism checker equipped with an extensive database. Such a tool can help you identify subtle amounts of plagiarism in the content. 

Hence, scan the content of your essay through a plagiarism detector to identify duplication and eradicate it by paraphrasing plagiarized patches.

Make Proper Use of Quotations and Citations

You may need to include statements taken from other sources in your essays to back your thesis statement. You can do it by adding those statements in exact or paraphrased form. 

However, you need to be careful about attribution while doing so. Failure to attribute the original author will be considered plagiarism, even if there is no intention to do it. Hence, you must properly use quotations and citations while writing an essay. Moreover, don’t try to add all sourced statements in exact shape. Try paraphrasing a few without changing their meaning to avoid excessive duplication.  

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End Words!

Avoiding plagiarism while writing essays could be the biggest challenge for students. They fail to submit plagiarism-free essays and earn good grades in return. However, following some practical tips for writing essays can help them avoid plagiarism and submit plagiarism-free essays. Many students need to be made aware of such tips. There is no need to worry, as we have discussed all the practical tips to avoid plagiarism while writing an essay in this article. 

Hopefully, students will have a lot to take away from it. We wish them luck with the essay-writing tasks in the coming days.

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