Free Tool for Converting Images into Text using OCR Technology

Retyping text to digitize it is a dull and hectic job. Humans easily get tired of retyping text. Moreover, we humans make errors while retyping a text.

Thus, software designers sat together and devised a tool that can convert the text from image to digital text. is an amazing image converter that uses OCR technology to digitize the text.

In this guide, we are going to tell you what OCR technology is and how it works, plus we’ll be discussing the best tool on the internet for image to text conversion, that is so, stay with us and continue reading to learn all about image to text conversion.

What is an OCR Technology? How does it Work?

OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. It is a type of programming that gives software the ability to recognize text in images and documents. The text is then converted into digital text which is editable and easily accessible.

The better the OCR model, the better the software extract text from the images. The tools which have outdated OCR models can only extract typed text while the tools with latest OCR can even extract handwritten text, understand various fonts and styles and convert distorted images to text.

Thus, OCR is the basis of image to text converters and the is using the latest OCR models. So, let’s talk about it.

Characteristics of

The is a professional AI tool that converts images to text with efficacy and accuracy. Let’s discuss highlighting features of the tool that make it best on the internet.

Latest OCR Technology:

The tool offers the latest OCR technology which means better and accurate text extraction from the images.

Multiple Languages:

The tool offers text extraction facilities in multiple languages. It can extract text from images in all the widely used languages such as, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Urdu, Arabic etc.

Multiple Images Extraction:

The tool extracts text from multiple images at a time. This tool allows a user to extract text from 50 images per time which is a lot of text extraction. Most tools just process one picture at a time.

Formats Support:

The tool supports all image formats. Whichever format your pictures are in, feel free to upload them on a tool for text extraction.

Handwritten Text Extraction:

The tool converts images with handwritten data to digital e-text with the help of updated OCR technology. Most other tools on the internet don’t offer handwritten text extraction.

Distorted Images Extraction:

The tool extracts the text from blurry distorted images which are hard to read, thanks to its latest OCR models.

10 MB File Size:

The tool supports both large and small sized images. The size limit for an image is 10 MB which is pretty large for any image.

How does Extract Text?

The has high usability because it is very simply designed for users of all backgrounds. It is not highly technical and a person with the basic knowledge of technology can easily convert images to text using this tool.

Following are the steps one can follow to convert images to text using

  1.     Convert your physical documents to images by simply clicking pictures using your mobile phone camera. You can also scan the documents you want to convert to e-text.
  2.     Upload the images to the box provided in The images can be uploaded in three ways; CTRL+V (copy and paste), Drag and Drop (drag from computer and drop it in the tool’s box), and by browsing from computer.
  3.     Now click the “Get Text button in orange color. The tool will begin working its magic.
  4.     Wait for a couple of minutes.
  5.     The extracted e-text appears in the box below the initial box. You can read the text generated to determine its accuracy.
  6.     Copy the text and paste it on the desired document or database.

I know what you are thinking, it’s a piece of cake. Don’t you?

Well yeah it is a very easy-to-use, efficient and accurate tool for converting physical text to e-text.

Application of

The is applicable in various fields because everything is being digitized these days. Let’s discuss some applications here:

  1.     It is used by students and professors to make digital notes, presentations or assignments etc.
  2.     It is used by journalists to convert handwritten notes and interviews to e-text.
  3.     It is used by healthcare professionals and paramedics to enter patients’ data which is in printed form to the hospital database.
  4.     It is used by lawyers to enter their clients’ information like contracts, agreements etc. in the computer.
  5.     It is used by publications houses and editorial offices to write e-books, which are now widely bought and used by students and the public.
  6.     It is used by clerks, accountants and bankers to enter client’s data on the databases accurately and swiftly.
  7.     It is used by HR managers to digitally record employees’ contracts, agreements and resumes in the offices’ system.
  8.     It is used by hotels to accurately enter printed or handwritten information about guests into the system.
  9.     It is used by restaurants to pitch the order in the system with accuracy and avoid mistakes in orders.
  10. It is used by scientists to convert their written notes to digital notes that they can publish after editing or use in their paper.

These are some of the many applications of


Digitalizing everything is the need of the day due to wide use of computers. It is crucial for us to move with the speed of the world. The tools like are making life easier for humans by doing their work swiftly and accurately for them. In this digital age, we need to work smart not hard, so use today to make work easier for you. 

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