Digitize your legal documents with image text extraction

Ensuring data integrity: Digitize your legal documents with image text extraction

We all are highly concerned about our security. A legal document should always be kept in a safe place so that it can be accessed by trusted people only. A legal document is a written record that outlines binding agreements, and important information about legal matters. These documents serve as evidence or proof of the commitment between two parties involved in legal transactions. 

A legal document can be of several forms such as a contract, will, court order, patent or lease, and much more. These are important for record-keeping as they serve as concrete evidence of which parties have already agreed upon. You can turn images into text to save your documents in e-format. You can extract text from an image of your legal document and convert it into pdf or docx with the help of an online image text extractor

What is a Text Extractor?

Everything has been digitized nowadays. People are working on keeping their notes and documents in a digitized form so that they can access them at any time or from anywhere. They can get the document whenever they need it. 

A text extractor is a software tool that identifies and extracts text from images. It uses OCR optical character recognition for the extraction of text. Since this is an automated process we don’t have to type the words, it saves a lot of time and effort for web developers and designers. Image Text Extractor enables them to get the text out in which they can make the modifications as per the need. You can instantly turn images into text by using an online text extractor. 

Types of Text Extraction Tools

Based on the source there are various types of text extraction available that we have listed below. Let’s take a look at them:


They can recognize printed or handwritten text in an image file. The file can be JPGs, PNG, or GIFs. Whatever the format of the image it can extract the text from it. Image Text Extractor is a tool that can copy text from images. 

Mixed media

There are some advanced extraction tools available that can handle both images and videos for comprehensive analysis. 

In this modern age, most text extractors use OCR technology to extract data from media. This technology recognizes characters within an image by analyzing their shapes and patterns. The extracted data is then converted to machine-readable formats such as plain text (.txt), word (.docx), or pdf (.pdf). It makes the text editable for the ease of the users so that they can make the changes according to their need or can save it in digital form. Users can search, edit, store, or share content in the above file formats. 

Image text extractor allows to extract text from images effortlessly. However, one can easily turn images into text using an online text extraction tool. It lets the users proceed with fast and reliable image conversions. There are many advantages to using text extractors. 

Advantages of Text Extractor

Data Entry Automation

Typing by hand is time-consuming and you can have many errors. There is always a chance of error in human work. Organizations can automate data with text extraction tools by pulling the relevant information from scanned documents or images. These documents or images are then directly stored in a database or spreadsheet. These tools not only save your time but also increase data management efficiency. 

Search Engine Optimization

A developer can use image-based material from text extraction technology. This information can be used in SEO tactics by using alt tags or labels that enhance website availability. Extraction helps web developers to include image-based content in text format through alt tags or captions while improving overall website accessibility for users with visual impairments. 

Meme analysis

Memes are a popular internet phenomenon that frequently includes text inserted within photos. Marketers can better understand trends and track consumer opinions on social media platforms by employing an online text extractor to assess meme content.

User-generated content

Inappropriate content, such as hate speech or explicit language found in user-generated photographs, must be removed from social media platforms. Text extraction assists in removing them before they cause harm to other users. Image Text Extractor is used to create user-generated content using text from images. 

Education and Research

Text extraction can help students, educators, and researchers gain data from a variety of sources with less difficulty. Extraction of text from historical records or academic papers, for example, enables users to collect data into a single document for simple examination and reference.

How Does Text Extractor Work?

OCR is a popular technology that is used for extracting text from photographs. It looks at the pattern of the text and recognizes the handwritten or printed characters in order to transform them into an editable text format. Modern OCR engines utilize machine learning techniques to improve their recognition of different fonts and languages.

Tesseract is a free and open-source OCR engine that allows you to copy text from images. Tesseract is created by Google and can be integrated into online applications via libraries such as py-tesseract for Python or node-tesseract for JavaScript.

Image text extractor is an online tool that can be used to extract text from images and provides users with editable text in simple .txt format, MS Doc, PDF and more.

Text Extraction APIs and Services

There are various cloud-based APIs and services available for text extraction. You can create your solution by utilizing open-source tools. These solutions give pre-prepared models that can meet a wide range of requirements with minimum preparation.

Accuracy of Data Extraction

Accuracy matters when dealing with important data. Find out that the tool of choice has a high success rate in recognizing different fonts, sizes, colours, and orientations. It’s also critical to evaluate its efficiency in terms of how quickly it can handle a large quantity of media files.

File Formats for Extraction 

A text extractor tool supports all these popular formats:


Because of its compression characteristics, this image format is commonly used on websites.


A lossless picture compression format that keeps quality better than JPG but results in bigger file sizes.


Because of its short file size, it is a popular choice for simple animations. However, it only allows 256 colours, which is not ideal for complicated images.

Challenges of Text Extractor


The practice of comparing the output of OCR with the original version of the same (ground truth) text is necessary to check the accuracy of the extraction. Assume a document contains 100 characters (ground truth). The character level OCR accuracy is 99% if the OCR output text successfully detected 99 of them.


Handwritten text detection is more challenging for OCR than printed text due to the variety of handwriting styles.


Retaining the original format and layout can be a challenging task for a text extractor

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Wrapping Up

Today, picture text extractors have got too much popularity among people. It enables the users to perform quick digitization and analysis of text-based information from a variety of sources, such as papers, images, photographs, and even screenshots. However, Image Text Extractor is a useful tool that lets you convert images to text reliably.

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