What is CAA?

What is CAA

CAA is The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019; the Parliament passed this Act on December 11, 2019. Previously, we had the Citizenship Act of 1955, now CAA 2019 is the modified Act of the previous Act. This act is allowing Indian citizenship for Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian religious minorities; who fled from the …

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Theories of Punishment

Theories of Punishment

The importance of theories of punishment has been recognized even in ancient times for the protection and welfare of the State and its people. In ancient India, the King was duty-bound to punish the offender. The purpose of the administration of criminal justice is to punish the offender. The state is the main body that …

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Dying declaration-Case Laws

Dying declaration-Case Laws

The legal maxim “Leterm Mortem” which means “the words said by the person before death” is deals with the dying declaration. A dying declaration is derived from the Latin maxim “Nemo moriturus praesumitur mentire”, the meaning of the maxim is that “a man will not meet his maker with a lie in his mouth.”It is …

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Trademark and its Types

Trademark and its Types

Trademark is the most commonly used intellectual property. It was also recognized at a global level through the Madrid Agreement in 1891. Suffer from Madrid to TRIPs of Trademark develop the  Act. Trade and commerce is the base of the economy of a country. The modern era is the time of competition in every field. The …

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Importance of Education in our Life

Importance of Education in our Life article

Importance of Education in our Life:– Education means studying the subjects for deeper knowledge and to understand the various subjects which are going to use in our daily life. The term education is not limited to our bookish knowledge but it stands for knowledge that is obtained and experienced by us outside the books or …

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Definition and Different Types of Mortgage

Mortgage- Definition and Different Types of Mortgage

Hello friends, we are going to discuss the important topic under the transfer of property act which is known as Mortgage. We will discuss the types of mortgage, mortgage of immovable property under transfer of property act. A person gives his personal immovable property to another person as a security for some consideration is called Mortgage. Section …

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What is ex parte?

What is ex parte?

Every person has the right to be heard. So every party in the court case is entitled to notice of court for hearing and get the opportunity to hear by the judge in that particular case. But the terms of ex parte is against this rule. In this article, we will learn about ex parte and …

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