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As a professional writer, I often get the same topics to write about and sometimes it becomes quite difficult for me to bring creativity in the lines.

Therefore, the best tactic that I use to make my content unique is by getting assistance from an AI paraphrase tool and rewriting the text here.

Over the years, I have tested a lot of paraphrase online tools. Some of them are quite good while others are just a waste of time.

In today’s blog post, I am going to share my opinion on one of my favorite online paraphrasers that is

I have thoroughly reviewed this AI tool and tell you how it is best with its working and a better choice than other paraphrasing tools.

About is an AI writing assistance that you can use to modify the already written text and make it more appealing to read.

This AI powered paraphrase tool comes with a bundle of features that you can utilize properly and make your content unique to read for the audience.

Working process

Online paraphrasing tool is quite easy to use. With its simple interface, you can quickly understand all the features of this tool and their working as well. 

Follow the process mentioned below for paraphrasing the text in this AI paraphrase online tool.

  • Go to the web browser on your device and open
  • You will see a paraphrasing box on the left side where you will paste the content that you need to paraphrase.
  • Select the mode of paraphrasing according to the nature of your content.
  • Click on the paraphrase button and wait until the paraphrase tool creates a new version of text.
  • The paraphrased content will get highlighted so you can easily compare the modifications with the original version of content.
  • Click on the save button and the new document will get saved on your device.

What Makes So Competitive?

When I opened, I saw a list of features that were enough for me to enhance the quality of my old articles quickly.

I will elaborate each of the features in detail and tell how you can utilize these features properly to get benefit of them.

Pleasing outlay comes with a very simple interface that makes it an easy to use option for the users while they paraphrase the text here.

Even if you are using this paraphrase online tool for the very first time, you can easily understand all the features of this paraphraser as well as their working.

Unrealistic paraphrasing speed

One of the most amazing things that I would like to mention here is the ultrafast working speed of this paraphrase online tool.

No matter how much lengthy text you are uploading in this online paraphrasing tool, the pace of this AI tool will remain the same.

No plagiarism issue

The synonym library of this paraphrase online tool is very huge that makes it an amazing choice for paraphrasing the content and making it unique for the readers.

This AI sentence rephraser makes sure to keep the new content unique for the readers and avoids the duplication factor in the text.

5 different modes for paraphrasing

An interesting feature that I would love to mention about this paraphrase tool is its ability to rephrase the content in diverse ways.

You will get different modes for paraphrasing the content in this online paraphraser that includes elegant, basic, productive, enterprise, and premium mode.

No change in context

Before this online paraphrase tool starts rewriting the content, it makes sure to understand the core meanings of the lines so that it can rephrase the text accurately. preserves the real essence of the lines and makes sure to provide you with a new version of content having the same meanings and better quality.


The list of online paraphrase tools is very long so it becomes very difficult for the users to figure out which tool they can use to paraphrase text.

Here I have reviewed in detail and elaborated all the features of this AI tool that makes it a premium choice for rephrasing the content.

The features that you get in this free paraphrase tool are absolutely amazing that can assist you in improving the quality of the content.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity to enhance the text quality for free.

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