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Procedure to obtain copyright

Procedure to Obtain Copyright

In order to register poetry copyright to mark the originality and uniqueness of your poetry to protect it from the illegal works of others, it is mandatory to register your poem with all the rules and procedures in order to mark the unique content of the poetry. It is a very inexpensive but time-consuming process to get the copyright not only for the poetries but for any type of work in India with rules and procedures which you need to follow very carefully:

  • Fill an application online, it is mandatory to fill the application online through the copyright website with your original work of poetry.
  • A fee needs to be paid and in the format of FORM-IV along with a printout of your application. This form shall be sent to the registrar under Schedule 2 of the Copyrights Act, at the copyright office.
  • You need to make a separate application for your separate work (if any), with requisite payment which has to be given by the government in this link:
  • The application is required to be signed by the applicant (i.e. you) and the advocate in whose name the Vakalatnama has been executed.
  • The registrar of Copyright will give a Diary No. and your application. An individual needs to wait for a period of 30 days for any objections to be raised.
  • If there are no reasonable grounds for objections, then an entry will be made in the Copyright registration within the prescribed time. The scrutinizer will check the application and if the discrepancy is not there the registration will be done and an extract will be sent to the registrar for the entry in the Register of Copyright.
  • Let suppose there is an objection then it will be resolved later and the scrutinizer will scrutinize the application and either approve or reject it, whatsoever the matter is with the application.

Procedure to Obtain Copyright

As we all know that it is necessary to register the copyrights of original works or poems of the poets or authors with the Indian Copyright Office because it enhances the value of the poetries and it prevents the hard work of authors or poets from the infringers. Registration will provide a public record for the copyrights of your poems; it will even create the presumption of the ownership which will be really important and worthy. Every copyright owner whether he/she is a poet or author of any literary, artistic, musical work, should consider registering their original work to maintain the uniqueness of the content so that no offender can steal their work.

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