Simple Tips for Students on Writing a Research Essay

Simple Tips for Students on Writing a Research Essay

There are different types of essays, and one of them is a research essay. In the article, we will share information on how to write such an essay and what composition and content it has. 

What is a Research Essay?

A research essay is a short piece of written work in which a student analyzes a particular issue, shares the results, and compares them with other similar papers. The main task of the research essay is to prove your hypothesis and convince the teacher that it is reliable.

A research essay is often asked to be written upon admission to graduate school, after an internship, or simply while studying at a university. If you have any difficulties while writing such a paper, you can contact the essay writing service at Their experts will help you write an essay with high quality and on time.

Features of a Research Essay

A research essay is different from other types of essays. It has its own characteristic features:

  1. Clear composition. Usually, an essay is a creative work that does not have a clear structure. In a research essay, on the contrary, one must strictly adhere to a certain composition.
  2. Narrow topic. Unlike coursework or term papers, a research essay addresses only one question.
  3. The writing style of the research essay is scientific. A conversational style or an abundance of means of expression is inappropriate here.

Research Essay Structure

In a research essay, it is very important to follow the structure:

  • introduction and statement of the problem;
  • the main part, consisting of several paragraphs;
  • conclusions;
  • bibliography.

In the introduction, you need to outline the topic of the essay, put forward your hypothesis, and be sure to set yourself a task. The volume of this part of the work is small, with 4-5 sentences. The introduction of a research essay should be clear and specific. No need to approach a topic from afar; the reader should immediately understand what this work is about and decide for themselves whether they will read it further:

“The problem of subjectivity in scientific knowledge has always been relevant, it was considered by researchers from different sciences. The importance of the subject of scientific knowledge always dominates over other problems of science. The process of cognition is a complex phenomenon of several stages of perception and the creation of new information. This essay will provide evidence for this.” (Essay on subjectivity in science, introduction).

In the main part, there are proofs of the thesis – arguments. In this kind of essay, they should be strong and undeniable. You can give specific examples, add quotes, give this a view, make references to other works – everything that confirms your idea. This part consists of several paragraphs. Each new thought or argument is a new paragraph:

“The subjective and objective attitude in scientific knowledge belongs to the category of “eternal” philosophical questions that are updated and receive new content at different stages of the development of the philosophy of knowledge.

Subjectivity is a characteristic of a person’s inner world or the personal influence that consciousness has on our relationship with the world. The subjective approach to anything, as a rule, depends on taste, and different people can be different. Subjectivity has more to do with opinion than with knowledge, although personal knowledge is already subjective because it belongs to the human mind and not to the world.” (Essay on subjectivity in science, main part).

In the conclusion, it is necessary to repeat the thesis again and summarize the main arguments. In this part, you should not give new information, just repeat the most important. A good conclusion should show the reader that the task of the essay has been completed, the topic has been covered, and the thesis has been proven:

“Therefore, the subjectivity of scientific knowledge is important for research in any form. Its meaning is defined in numerous textbooks by well-known authors, which appear in the introduction.” (Essay on subjectivity in science, conclusions).

In the end, a list of used literature should be given. All footnotes, links to books, articles, and information from the Internet must be placed in this section.

Research Essay: Topics

The topic of a research essay depends on the subject on which this work was assigned to write. See the list of topics for this type of essay from different areas:

  1. Development potential of the American agro-industrial complex.
  2. Extralinguistic factors for the selection of functional styles.
  3. Functions of language and speech.
  4. Jean-Paul Sartre: “Existentialism is a humanism.”
  5. The problem of freedom and responsibility of a person.
  6. Every business is nothing more than the provision of services.
  7. Retention management for high-performing employees.
  8. Accounts receivable management. Ways and methods to improve the financial condition.
  9. Globalization of financial markets and its implications for the national economy.
  10. Historical development of morality: progress or regress? Pros and cons.
  11. Types of liability for violation of legislation in the field of construction.
  12. Management revolutions in the history of management.
  13. Idealism and materialism and their representatives.
  14. Natural and anthropogenic factors affect the state of the environment.

Research Essay Example

To understand how to write a research essay, check out the sample:

Transformation of American society and the evolution of public administration.

The transformational processes that are taking place in American society are associated with shifts in the social structure, pointing to the inherent only in America and the American worldview of economic and social “order.”

The emerging economic order leads to the dominance of informal interactions between economic entities and the state. This explains the lack of institutional relationships between business and government, the absence of significant shifts in the economy, and the growth of corruption.

The transformation of America and its transition to a civilized market economy and political democracy are based on clear life examples, such as those where the inefficiency of corruption has been proven, where the liberal values of mass groups increase the level of self-awareness, and consequently, the growth of their own well-being. The high level of well-being of each individual person contributes to the improvement of the overall picture of the course of affairs in the country.

Unfortunately, in modern American society, there is a carefully defined trend towards the disintegration of social space, that is, a process opposite to social integration.

The most common forms of disintegration are the disintegration/disappearance of common social values, typical social organization, institutions, norms, and a sense of common interests.

These are the nuances of writing a research essay.

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