7 Important Intellectual Property Rights in India given by the law

Intellectual property rights are given by the law to an inventor to enjoy the economic rights and protect his invention for a certain period of time.

When an organisation holds an intellectual property that it does not want to disclose with anyone or to make that intellectual property secret, it is called a trade secret. The trade secret includes formula, process or any specific material.

Trade Secret

A patent is an exclusive right granted by the government to an inventor to use the Monopoly right upon his invention and stop other persons from manufacturing, using or selling that invention.


Any literary work, dramatic work, musical work, artist work etc come under the copyright.


new plant varieties and animal breeds are the outcomes of the affairs done by the scientists to make that new breed or new varieties. The plant variety protection rights are provided for such new breeds and varieties.

Plant variety protection

Geographical indications cover agricultural goods, natural products, manufactured products, handicraft products and even food products. The geographical indication cannot apply to intellectual properties.

Geographical indication (GI)

Trademarks can include name logos, design websites or any packaging material of the product. It is right of the person who got the trademark that he can use such logos name or design to show his brand power to the people.

Trademark (™)

Industrial design is a process or technique to make a certain product with a new method.

Industrial design

The intellectual property rights in India are given for the protection of the intellectual property of an inventor. These rights can be used by the person for financial enjoyment and use. But if a person tries to infringe his rights by misusing the product of an inventor, the inventor has a remedy to file the case in the court of law for the protection of his rights.

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