How to write a Will of Property?

Start your first step by giving the title to your document as LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT.

Name of Document

Add your name, description, age and address. You should declare that you are writing this will without any pressure or undue influence and you are a sound mind person.

Name and declaration

Before going to the details, you should appoint your executor who will help in the execution of property after the death.

Appointment of executor

Add the name of the beneficiaries and legal heirs with their name, date of birth and relationship with you.

Name of beneficiaries

After giving the information about your legal heirs and beneficiaries, you can give the proper detail of your movable and immovable property.

Details of property

After giving the declaration of all movable and immovable property with liabilities, you can bequest your property to different legal heirs or beneficiaries according to your will.

Bequest your assets

You have to declare the name of the person to whom you wished that he will pay the taxes and liabilities after you.

Taxes and liabilities

After adding all the points you have to sign your will in the presence of at least two witnesses. These witnesses have to sign all the pages of your will with the date.

Sign the will

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After all the process is done, you can get your will notarized. Although it is not compulsory that the will must be registered under the law, if you want, then you can register the will with the sub-registrar.

Registration of the will

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