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Rights of an Advocate under Advocates Act, 1961

Section 30 of the Advocates act provides specific protections for the right of an advocate to practice in any court or tribunal in India if his name is registered in the Bar Council list.

This rule can be seen as a privilege to an advocate. It is the right of being heard before another is heard. In simple words, the law provides the right to advocate who is upper in the hierarchy system.

Right to freedom of speech and expression

An advocate is known as the judicial officer of the court. Section 135 of the civil procedure code exempt the advocates from rest under civil case while he is: – Going to the court – Presiding his case in the court – Returning from the court

When an advocate takes any case in which the accused is in jail, the right to meet the accused person comes into force.

the advocate has the right to secure the privacy of the communication with his client. The advocate is not liable to tell anybody about the discussion done between him and his client related to the case.

Rule 11 of chapter 2 of part VI of bar council of India rules enables an advocate to take fees from his client.

It is the right of an advocate that he can refuse to take the case which is dealing with illegal things.

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