Any contract between two parties that was possible at the time of contract but become impossible subsequently is called frustration of contract.

Destruction of subject matter

If the subject matter of the contract has become impossible, it will become the frustrating contract

Supervening illegality

If any situation arises which makes the contract illegal, it will become a frustrated contract.

Death or incapacity of a party

You must be aware of the fact that the parties must have the capacity to contract. But if either of the party dies or has become incapable of contact, the contract will become void.

Non-occurrence of the event

If the contract between two parties based on an event at that event becomes impossible to do, then the contract will become void.

Change of circumstances

If there are any changes in the circumstances which made the contract void it also comes under the doctrine of frustration. The Supreme Court of India held in a judgment that the change of circumstances will depend upon case to case.

Frustration by legislation

The contract can be frustrated due to the law. If a situation arises that the legislation has passed the new laws in which the objective of your contract has become void, it will also lead to the frustration of the contract.

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