There are thousands of fields in which the NGOs are currently working in India. NGOs are collecting donations from the people and using this money to provide necessities to needy people.


Awareness programs

NGOs started awareness programs in which they tell people about the importance of education and the benefits of having educated women in the family.


Providing free education

Some of the NGOs help the children by providing them education free of cost.


Focusing on quality education

Child education NGOs train the school teachers to make a child-friendly environment in schools and help them to improve their teaching methods.


Awareness related to unity in diversity

The NGO aware people and students about the unity in diversity even in schools. It helps a student to work in a team to achieve goals.


Learning centres

in a case where a child is not able to go to school, the NGOs provide learning centres in which the team of NGOs takes the free classes of Street children and children who are working as child labour.



The NGOs are providing training programs for skill development so that the women can also earn money by doing work even from their houses.


Providing free loan

Some of the NGOs are providing free interest loans to women so that they can start their businesses.


providing jobs

The non-governmental organisations have tied up with companies in which they can provide jobs for males and females. They can provide a suitable job for males, females or another gender according to their needs and locality.


Keep checking new laws

The NGOs keep checking this love that if they are discriminating on the basis of gender or not.


NGO providing legal aid

If there is any discrimination is done between boys and girls or any other gender by any person, the NGOs can take legal action towards the person.

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