Seven Lamps of Advocacy

The qualities given under the seven lamps of advocacy are the best and essential qualities of an advocate which must be followed by an advocate to succeed in his legal profession while practising in the court anywhere.


Honesty in a profession is the official policy that should be used by every person while interacting with another person. Honesty should reflect in the thoughts, words and behaviour of an advocate.


Courage means the ability to stand in front of the court without any fear. An advocate should feel proud and confident while arguing in a case.


Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. He must have the knowledge of the law for which he is dealing in a case.

Hard work always pays.


A wit helps the advocates to stay focused on his work and reduce the workload so that he can remain relaxed. It automatically removes the mental strain of an advocate so that he can think beyond the limits of his mind.


Eloquence is an oral art that is used by an advocate for fluent and skilful use of communication which touches the soul of a judge.


The lamp of judgement means the deep study of the present case and then make an informed opinion for that case. An advocate should think from two sides of the case because it will help him to understand the consequences of the case.


advocate should respect his opposite advocate. Even while doing an argument in court, an advocate should respect his opposite lawyer as well. The reason is, it is not the fight between both of them but it is the fight for justice only.

8th lamp of advocacy

Sometimes it happens that the courtroom becomes a mess due to the heavy and serious arguments by advocates. In those circumstances, advocates should know how to tackle the situation.