Everything you need to about Webp to PNG conversion

JPEG and PNG are common image format files used by developers and designers but the latest image format webp has come into existence developed by Google. This is relatively a new file format developed by Google specially designed for websites. It has more capabilities than the previous one as it can support high-quality images without taking much storage requirement.

Here the question arises why is the a need to convert webp files to PNG? many old browsers and image editing software do not support webp therefore the images are converted from webp to png. The files are converted by the online tool webptopng.xyz for quick conversion.

What is a webp file?

Webp is like a new file format in the form of digital images. It was created by Google. Webp was specially designed to keep pictures and images looking sharp with a smaller file size than a traditional one like JPEG or PNG. This file type was created in 2010 and many developers are using them on their website as they take less space. It is more widely being adopted than other image formats.

Pros of webp file

– Smart compression

Webp file is famous for its compressibility and small size with sharp resolution. A webp file is 86% smaller than a JPEG file and it is 43% smaller than PNG. These images are heavily compressed with little loss of image quality for creating fast-loading web pages.

– Flexible formats

The advantage of webp file is that it can support both lossless and lossy compression. A PNG file produces lossless compression but JPEG has a lossy compression.

– Transparency

Like PNG files webp also supports transparent backgrounds.  

Cons of webp file

– Little quality Loss

Compression is still a compression with little image quality loss. Webp is much better at retaining image quality although a small amount of compression reduces the quality of an image even if it is invisible to the normal eye.

– Not compatible

Modern browsers support webp image formats like Chrome and Firefox support webp files but older browsers such as Internet Explorer do not. Therefore the IE users will not see webp images but see non-webp versions of the same images.

– Non Editing

Webp images are difficult to share, display, or edit because the format is not universally accepted with all software. Therefore people are required to convert the webp images to more universally accepted image formats like PNG.

What is a PNG file?

The PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics is another digital image file. It was introduced in the mid-90s and considered as a patent-free answer to GIF format. These image formats are commonly replacing the JPEG files.  PNG files are well known for robust image quality and reliability. It is a lossless compression which means no matter how many times you open, save image PNG won’t lose its quality. This is better than JPEG as it provides a lossy compression method that loses quality each time it is saved.

PNGs are good for their transparent background. PNGs are the best choice for images with transparent backgrounds which are great for creating logos, icons, or other web graphics.

Why PNG Files Are Preferred Over WEBP?


Webp is a star for creating smaller images but the quality is better in png file formats. The loading time of a website decreases with webp but its editing becomes difficult therefore turning webp into png file with webp to png converter which is an online tool and free of cost. Due to PNGs universal compatibility often webp to png conversion takes place. 

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