From EBITABLE To Protected: Word To PDF Conversion For Document Security

In order to manage the documents, PDF is considered the standard format because it is compatible with almost all the operating systems. On the other hand, Microsoft Word is easy to use which creates documents with text editing options. But it is good to convert your MS Word files to PDF documents to make them accessible, shareable, and easily printable. You can also add protection to your documents in PDF(Portable Document Format). 

In this comprehensive article, we will throw light on the document security options and look at the whole procedure of how to convert the file format with the help of an online Word to PDF converter. Move a little bit further to achieve the pdf from Microsoft Word without losing the structure of the content. 

How Does Word to PDF Converter Work?

To perform the conversion from Word to Portable document format you don’t need to install any software or program in your smart device. We have an amazing tool that will definitely provide you with the best options for conversion which is fully free of cost. For using this user-friendly interface correctly, stick to the following points:

  • Put the doc file into the specified file of the converter.  
  • Hit the “Convert” button to proceed with the Word to Portable document format conversion. 
  • When the conversion is completed, click on the “download” button to export the converted PDF file.  

Why Convert Word Documents to PDF?

There are many reasons that can compel you to transform the format of Word documents into PDF. 

Let’s take a look at some of the following reasons:


Portability is a vital function because with the help of this function, you can maintain consistent formatting and it does not matter what platform opens your document files. Word documents, on the other hand, frequently suffer from compatibility issues between users.


MS Word is useful to create slick and professional documents therefore word documents don’t have privacy and security options and features. So you can secure your files from third-party access by converting them to PDF format. 

Converting Word to PDF Without Losing Formatting: 

The incredible converter is considered the most reliable file format when it comes to saving the formats of files. As we have discussed above you can get the files without losing their formats after converting these from MS to PDF. 

This tool ensures that the documents remain intact when you come to convert new formats. With this word converter, you can assure that all of the documents that you drag will be kept secure because your privacy is our first priority.  

This practice really increases the capability and productivity of the content writers and the people who have to deal with different documents daily. It makes them a genuine resource for the accomplishment of major writing projects. Writing can be further aided by turning the document formats. As it saves them from retyping the whole content in another file format. 

How Does This Converter Benefit The Digital Businesses?

In many types of businesses, this converter is very valuable. This is useful because it makes sharing documents easier with other people.

Let’s see the following benefits:

  • Simplify document management with a converter. 
  • Make data entry easier with our tool.
  • Power of optical character recognition.
  • Save yourself from the manual transcription.

How Do I Remove Copy Protection From PDFs?

For the purposes of copy protection, the PDF converter is designed and typically involves specialized algorithms. Copy the content and bypass the restrictions that are imposed on the files. Removing the copyright issues and to avoid from legal restrictions is the best option so make sure to have an essential note and get these with the whole privacy. 

You can also get the word table and graphics with the help of a converter and most retains during the conversion processes but at the time of the conversion, it makes ensure that the visual elements are preserved in the resulting pdf files. 

Features Offered by the Word to PDF converter

This converter provides a wide range of applications and features that increase the conversion process. There are some features that are offered by our online converter are in the below section:

  • This free-of-cost tool allows the conversion from MS Word to PDF without distorting the structure of the content.  
  • No requirement to log in and it is trustworthy and secure.
  • Accessible for any device and from anywhere. 
  • Identify the maths equations.
  • No installation and registration is required.
  • Save you from retyping and is 100% accurate. 
  • Boost your business with the accuracy of results.
  • It preserves the formatting by retaining the fonts, text formatting, and layout of the original document.
  • The charts, diagrams, and other graphical elements while from the doc to PDF with maintaining their quality. 
  • The hyperlinks are retained by allowing the readers to access directly to the linked content. 
  • You can convert the table of content to PDF bookmarks for navigation with the PDF 

How to Protect Your PDFs with DRM?

DRM stands for the direct right management that controls copyright issues and it enables content creators to manage what users can do with their content. With the help of this protection, you can save your files from unauthorized access. Meanwhile, no one can access the content of your PDF files without your consent. 


Let’s see the following restriction that DRM can apply:

  • Prevent printing to stop printing to a new file and scanning/distribution of printed copies.
  • Prevent copying and pasting of content to a new document, which can then be converted.
  • Stop saving, both to the unprotected PDF format and other formats.


Can I Convert Word To PDF Offline?

Yes! You can convert Word to Portable document format without having an internet connection with the help of Microsoft Office. 

Let’s see the following steps to turn Word to PDF Offline:

  • Open your Word Files in MS Word.
  • Click on files and choose the “save as” option. 
  • Now add the file “name”, and “destination” and select output format as PDF. 
  • Click on the Saves button to save Word as PDF. 


Are Hyperlinks Retained in the PDF?

Obviously yes! It retains the hyperlinks of your content and allows users to direct reach the other content with the help of the hyperlink. 

Is it Possible to Convert Large or Complex Documents?

The tables, images, and intricate formatting of large or complex documents are handled with this converter. It also offers you to convert multiple documents at once.

Is the Converter Compatible with Mobile Devices?

Word to PDF converter is totally compatible with mobile devices and allows you to convert the tables and documents as you want. 

What File Size Limitations Exist for Conversion?

File size depends on the content that you set for the conversion and the maximum file size is about 100MB but this limit can exceed. 

Ensuring data integrity: Digitize your legal documents with image text extraction

Final Words

At the end of the discussion, we concluded that to secure the document and to make it accessible, you should convert Word files to PDF with the help of a good online Word to PDF converter.  By performing this simple conversion you can save your content and access it on almost all smart devices seamlessly.

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