How to prevent Cybercrime? Preventive measures of Cybercrime

The network of cybercrime is everywhere. A small mistake can let cybercriminals share your personal information who can misuse your information to commit various types of cybercrimes. To make our money safe in the bank accounts, it becomes important to recognize cybercrime and know about security tips or how to prevent cybercrime. Before knowing how to prevent cybercrime, we should be aware of cybercrime and cybercriminal.

Cybercrime is a crime that is done by using or targeting the computer or any network devices to make online fraud. The person who is involved in cybercrime is called a cybercriminal. Cybercriminals can hack your laptop or mobile from anywhere with the help of your minor mistake which you may not realize when you are permitting the cybercriminal to make fraud with you.

Now, let us discuss how to prevent cybercrime or essential preventive measures of cybercrime.

Preventive measures of cybercrime

You will be surprised to know that every 40 seconds a company gets caught in ransomware cybercrime. Shocking, isn’t it? Let’s know about how to prevent cybercrimes by taking some small steps. Though, if you want high-security protection from cybercrime, you should definitely consult with professionals.

Use of strong passwords

Never use the same id and the same password for you every account or even for social media accounts. We usually forget our passwords and due to this reason, we use the same password. Passwords should not be normal. People usually make their phone numbers or date of birth as their password which is easy to hack. There are some password ideas that can prevent cybercrime.

  • Never use the same password for every website
  • Do not use or date of birth or phone number as your password. It is easy to guess
  • Never write your password on the paper.
  • Password must be complicated by combining letters, special characters and numbers.
  • Keep changing your passwords regularly
  • Never use your private email or another account if you think the website you using is in doubt

Keep your software and application up to date

Your software and applications must be up to date. Cybercriminals use known exploits or processes to hack the software or application. The update changes the pattern of the software or application which needs another process for hacking. The software companies always give updates for the software and application which fix the bugs and make the protection strong. It makes the cybercriminals tough to hack the software or application. Keeping your software or application up to date ensures that you are using the latest security protection for your computer or mobile.

Make your computer secure

A firewall in the computer is the first step of cyber defence in the computer. A firewall blocks unknown websites and also stop many types of hacking and virus.

The use of anti-virus in the computer allows the user to scan, detect and remove the malicious threat from the computer before they become a problem to the computer or slow down the computer. There are many good anti-viruses that are used to secure your computer like Avast, McAfee and Norton etc.

It should be noted that whenever you use any kind of anti-virus keep its updated version for taking the best protection.

Block spyware attacks

Spyware is malware that is installed on the computer without your knowledge. It helps cybercriminals to hack your computer or steal your personal files. The user can install anti-spyware software to get rid of spyware attacks.

Secure use of wireless networks

Wi-Fi networks are a dangerous threat to security if they are not secured. We usually connect our phone or laptop with free public Wi-Fi or hot spot. Cybercriminals hack such free Wi-Fi and whenever you make a financial transaction while using these wireless networks, they can steal your personal details. So always avoid financial transactions on public wireless networks. The use of VPN, when you are using a free Wi-Fi network is a good idea to save your personal information.

What is Cyber Crime and its Types?

Secure use of social media

Set your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. to private mode. So that other person cannot check your personal information like your date of birth etc. Social engineering cybercriminals use your personal information to trap you. Never post your personal information on social media. For example, if you are posting your pet’s name on social media, you might expose your common security question.

There are cases where the person who posted his live location got kidnapped. So always be careful while posting such types of information on social media.

Secure use of the mobile application

Never ever download the application from an untrusted website. Always use a trusted website or play store to download anything on your mobile. These untrusted websites may have viruses that can corrupt your mobile or can add malware to your mobile.

Protect your online identity

Avoid filling your personal information on untrusty websites. Your personal information like name address, email and phone number can be used by cybercriminals to make a fake account with the help of your personal information. Cybercriminals may use these accounts for cyberstalking and they will make you trouble.

Avoid Email Phishing

You can make yourself safe from email phishing by taking these precautions;

  • Never reply to the email that asks you to reply with your personal data.
  • Always verify the source of the email and messages before providing your personal information.
  • Do not click on the links which are offering you some money or pretending that you have won some money.
  • Be careful while making E-contracts.

Contact with true sources

If you got an email from the company which is asking for your personal details. You can make the call on the official numbers of the company to confirm whether the email is true or fake. Cybercriminals usually use the name of renowned companies so to trap the user.

Knowledge about the internet

Knowledge about the internet is as important as the importance of education in our life. Teach your children about the types of cybercrimes so that they can talk with you whenever they feel such crimes as cyberstalking, online defamation and bullying etc.

Keep eyes on kids

Cybercriminals usually target children for cybercrime as they are easy targets. Make sure your children are not giving your personal information to the unknown. This information could be anything like your company details, your bank account etc.

Go offline when you do not need internet

If you are always making your computer connected to the internet, it increases the threat to your computer. Make sure you go shut down or off the internet when you have no need to use the internet.

Lock your computer

Make sure your computer is password protected. Shut down your computer after you finished the work. It will ensure that no one can use your laptop without your free consent and is unable to add viruses to your laptop.

Do not click on doubtful links and attachments

If you feel any doubt about the links or attachments which are from unknown sources, then leave them or delete them from your computer or mobile. Never act immediately on such links or attachments.

The attachments of links could be providing you with the free use of paid software etc. It tries to make the person click on these links. By clicking these links, a file will be sent to your computer or mobile. Cybercriminals use this technique to send Botnet files to your computer.

Use of trusted website

Google prefer HTTPS over HTTP. A website with HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. Try to use HTTPS websites whenever you use websites to give your information.

Keep eyes on the Bank statement

There are various types of bank accounts where a person can save money. But sometimes, cybercriminals use your personal information to use your hard money. So, always keep eye on your bank statement. You can report your bank if you see any unauthorized transaction which is not done by you. Many bank accounts provide online bank statements. Current account and saving accounts are the most targeted accounts for cybercrime.

Take necessary steps if you become a victim of cybercrime

If you came to know that you have been hacked or become the victim of cybercrime, then you need to lunch the FIR in the police station and in some cases, FBI and cyber security. There are various laws on data protection that give the right to the victim to take action against cybercrime. Your report can help other persons to save their personal information in the future. You can take another step like:

  • Freeze your bank account and credit card
  • Change mobile internet banking passwords
  • Can collect the oral and documentary evidence which are necessary for your report
  • Inform your contacts about the cybercrime that you have been hacked.


In this article on how to prevent cybercrime, we discussed many safety tips for cybercrime we can use to make our mobile and computer safe from cybercrimes. Cybercriminals are increasing their methods to make online crimes. We should keep our eyes open while using social media and the internet. Our minor mistake can make our bank accounts empty.

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