Unity in Diversity- Unity in Diversity Essay

The unity in diversity is an emotion of unity between dissimilar persons or groups of persons. Here, dissimilar means the persons which have certain differences among them. The differences between the person can be on the basis of their language, class, wearing clothes, culture, ideology or any other differences.  The concept of unity in diversity has been going on for centuries. Our ancestors have shown this appreciable behaviour almost from time immemorial. This is the article on unity in diversity where we will discuss the meaning and advantages of unity in diversity.

 Meaning of unity in diversity

The unity of diversity is the mixture of two pure words which are Unity and Diversity. The meaning of diversity means the “differences from one another” or “not alike”. Unity means “Union” or “harmony”. Unity in diversity means “the union between the persons who are not alike”. 

It means when many people with different diversity come to form a group is called unity in diversity.

Origin of Unity in diversity 

The concept of Unity in diversity is as old as the humans on earth. But it can be traced from the time of Sufi philosopher who said that God is the only true existence and all other things(including humans) are the mere shadows of God. It means all the other living beings are the different qualities of God and God id one.

Advantages of Unity in Diversity

There are many advantages of unity in diversity which can be seen by us whenever we meet with different types of people in the world, we know different kinds of things which can improve our life and its lifestyle. Whenever a man meets another man who is not like him and is different from him, that man can learn from him his lifestyle and his way of living. The person can meet such types of person in any places like school, college or workplace etc. Working with diverse people helps us to understand the new things which we are missing in our life.


The unity in diversity encourages people to work in a team. The unity in diversity builds trust and bonding among the people who are not the same. It is not a hiding fact for everyone that teamwork always gives better results than ever. The spirit of teamwork can help the group to achieve every goal of the team.

Good for business

Every company wants to grow their business globally. It is possible due to the unity in diversity. A person cannot work everywhere due to the lack of time. and many types of companies are forming every day. The unity in diversity helps the businessmen to know the culture of the country where they need to increase their business.

To solve various social problems

The role of unity in diversity for solving social problems is major. We face various social problems like water pollution and air pollution etc. If we respect each and every same and different individual, it will become better to understand the social problems and to solve those problems by taking different opinions.

Useful for a diverse country

The concept of unity in diversity plays an important role for a country which have people of different religions, cultures and casts. The belief in unity in diversity helps the people to live together and help each other in their bad times. It helps the country to reduce crime and other disturbances.

Source of tourism

In today’s life, the people are attracted to know the culture of every state and country. Unity in diversity helps people to understand the different cultures, traditions. it provides the source of tourism which is important for the growth of the country.

Unity in diversity in different countries

The unity in diversity works globally. it is important for every country that the relationships between citizens of the country should be harmonious.  There are many countries that have adopted unity in diversity.

Unity in diversity in Canada

Canada is the best example of unity in diversity. The people of Canada are very friendly with foreigners in the country. There is very low racism in Canada. There are almost zero cases of hate speech or discrimination against foreigners in the country.

Unity in diversity in European Union 

The europian union adopted unity in diversity in 2000 as its official motto. In the European Union there, were many nations which were diverse from each other. The diversity in the European Union was due to the different cultures of the nations. But the adoption of the Unity of Diversity as motto shows its unity. The Europeans have come together without any discrimination and differences.

Unity in diversity in India

The unity in diversity in India is the best example of unity in different people. In India, all the people of different religions, castes, cultures, etc, have been living together for many centuries. India is the oldest civilization in the entire world. In this long journey of 5000 years, the Country was ruled by many rulers, belonging to different religions and cultures. Further, a lot of people migrated from other countries, and India accepted them with open hearts. Due to this exchange, we can observe a lot of diversity in terms of religion, culture, race, and religion in our country. India is the country that demonstrates Unity in diversity.

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Unity in diversity is part of ethics and morality. It is more important for our future generation. The people of every country must show interest in the concept of unity in diversity. The people must remove the bad thinking about religion, racism and caste etc. The unity in the work is only possible if we believe in the Unity in diversity because, without unity in diversity, our civilization will never grow.


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