Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Written by Tosheeq Ahmed


The greatest foundation of a family and society is a woman. She gives birth to life, nurtures, shapes, and strengthens it. She also transmits tradition and serves as a vehicle for passing down culture from one generation to the next. Tragically, she is treated with great injustice in our nation. She experiences domestic abuse regardless of her age, colour, caste, social standing, or economic or political position. Her vulnerability comes in many forms, a regular occurrence in Indian society. A woman’s quiet sorrows make her a vulnerable target for male dominance, which is backed by the prevailing patriarchy. The worst part of the scenario is the victimisation of women and the oppressive, dictatorial mentality of male members of society. Nearly every household in India must experience some form of domestic abuse, wherein women are mistreated physically, mentally, verbally, or financially as wives, daughters, or daughters-in-law. Human rights apply equally to both men and women. In this largely male-dominated society, women face discrimination. Most women are therefore unable to comprehend their rights and freedom. Domestic violence thus hinders not only women but also the development of the nation. This essay discusses domestic violence against women in India, including its many manifestations, root causes, and potential remedies.

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