Importance of education for girls

Importance of education for girls

The girls also have the right to education. In today’s world, the importance of education is very important for everyone, irrespective of his gender. But the importance of education for girls has huge benefits for health and security. Educating girls to build strong families and give the opportunity for girls to make their decision which is wrong or write for them. Education must be started from the beginning of life. That is why the importance of girl child education plays the role.

When you educate a man, an individual is educated, but when you educate a woman, the whole family is educated.

The importance of education can be checked from this point that education is one of the main reasons for the economic growth of the country. The importance of women education can help the nation for the termination of poverty from the country and other crimes toward the females.  The female’s education decreases the health issues, child marriage which is void and voidable marriage, and empower women at their home and also in the workplace.

An educated female is more talented and can do work in any field. Every place on the earth, the importance of education for girls should be recognized for the better growth and future of the nation.

Importance of education for girls

Now, let’s have a look at the importance of girl’s education in our nation or the Benefits of girl education:

To maintain gender equality

The constitution of India provides the 6 fundamental rights for both males and females. According to article 21A of the constitution, every child, irrespective of its gender caste, creed, sex, etc, is entitled to receive basic education. It is a fundamental right and it is the obligation of the state to provide them with access to basic education. In simple words, it means that women’s education is as important as that of men. Women also have the right to education. It has been seen that women are less seen at work than men due to the lack of education. But the girl’s education can fill this gap and can make the women work with men in every field.

An educated woman will become an asset for the entire society. The voice of the unprivileged strata can be raised at higher places. Further, with the help of education, a girl can become a part of policymaking, which will ultimately inspire others to make their girl child educated.

To improve the literacy rate

The Literacy rate of our nation is even below the global average. The girls have no idea about the outer life of married due to lack of education. If the female’s education is promoted, then the girls can focus on other things rather than just getting married. They can choose any of the professions they like and play their best role for the growth of society and nation.

One educated female can change her full society

Economic growth

The education of girls and boys increase the economic growth of the nation. Some of the countries are losing billions every year due to the failure of the education system. The countries which are growing fast has educated women who are working in every kind of job which is important for the economic growth of the nation. An educated female has more opportunities to get a better job and more wages.

The education of women will help the nation to increase the Labour force which is important for the production of services. Higher the Labour force, the higher the production. It means the nation can create more products and services which are useful for the growth of the nation.

Working women will contribute substantially to improving the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. It is an unsaid truth that when women of a country are educated, the whole economy develops leaps and bounds.

Assist In Buildings More Stable Communities

Education is a weapon that only provides strength and versatility but also empowers a nation to overcome any dispute or shortcomings at a very quick pace. The education will induce knowledge on social skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking in the girls. After getting educated, they will play a major role to ensure that the disputes don’t arise in the first place and will become a peacemaker for the family.

Now, with our changing society, it is very essential that the girls should not be confined to primary education, but they shall be provided with an opportunity to learn and grow by attaining higher education.

Health Knowledge

Women’s education plays a very important role in health knowledge. According to the survey, it is found that a child of an educated mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five. Due to the female’s education, we have saved four million children.

If a girl is educated, she could not prevent herself from the potential disease, but she can also assist her family members to remain healthy and nutritious. The importance of a girl’s education can be understood from the fact that if a girl remains healthy, the health of the entire family would be healthy.

The educated woman is better than the uneducated woman about the nutrition of children, sanitation and preventable diseases such as malaria and malnutrition.


Education is very crucial for a woman as it enables her to become self-reliant and mitigate the need to depend upon a third person for her and her family’s survival.

In the present times, financial independence is a must for women. It not only liberates them from the dependency of others but also enables them to fulfil their goals according to their needs and standards. A financially independent woman can raise her voice against prevailing old social customs and injustices in our society.

Reduce population growth

The increasing population is making the trouble day by day. The reason for the different types of pollution like water pollutionair pollution etc. are due to the increase in the population. In today’s time, we have started the wildlife conservation efforts due to the increase of population which is the main cause for the decrease in the sources. But, if we focus on the importance of education of girls, then it will help to reduce the population.

The girl’s education will help the females to know about sustainable families. Due to the lack of education, many of the girls get pregnant at a minor age and due to this, they can cause many diseases or die. But if the females are educated, then they have the knowledge about pregnancy and they will understand the importance of reeducation of population.

To stop child marriage

According to the law, child marriage comes under a void and voidable marriage. In the nation, due to the lack of education, the child got married at a teenage which causes health issues. But the girl’s education can reduce this thing or end this thing from our society.

The lawful age to get married is 18 or above 18 for females and for males, it is 21.

Preparation for natural disasters  

Many of the families losses their loved ones due to the natural disaster. The education of females in our society can help to reduce the injury and death due to this. The educated woman can prepare herself to save her and her family from natural disasters and climate changes. Because the educated woman can think more clearly and can make a sufficient plan to save her family and life.

Control over their lifestyle

When a girl go to school and college, she came to know about her rights and due against the nation and society. She knows her rights which helps her to control her life. The girl can make her future and can choose her profession when she can live a respectful life. She can take her life’s decision without any restrictions.

The educated woman can learn new skills which can help her to serve the nation.

Pratibha Devisingh Patil was the first president of India.

Positive change for future

If we today focus on the importance of education for girls, our future generation will take its benefits. It will help us to increase our literacy rate. Because no woman will take their kids uneducated if she is financially strong and well educated.

Barriers to girl’s education in India

Education is very important for girls. But there are some major problems or barriers to girls’ education in India. Let’s talk about them.


India is a poor country. Many families cannot afford the proper education for their children. The parents in the families are also less educated so they do not give more preference for girls’ education. Also, rural areas have fewer support systems so the people just focus on the girls to manage the housework only.

It is observed that poor households have multiple children wherein the boy’s education is given preference and the girl is asked to help the family with household chores and care for younger siblings and other family members. It is a harsh reality that some people from rural backgrounds still hold the opinion that investment in girls’ education is completely futile and a waste of money.


Violence is one of the biggest hindrances in the path of girls’ education. In rural areas, the girls had to travel long distances to reach the schools and in the meanwhile, they become a subject of sexual harassment and other gender-based violence. In such situations, the parents, instead of taking strict action against the offenders, put a restriction on the girl and drop her out of school.

Lack of Safe And Healthy Environment in School for the Girls

In some schools, there is no proper availability of basic requirements such as water, sanitation and hygiene. There is no separate toilet facility for the boys and girls. The girls are also subject to some biological requirements. Menstruation is considered a stigma in our society. There are no proper hygiene and toilet facilities in the school, which causes a lot of trouble for the girls. High dropouts and very low attendance become a hallmark for a girl child.

Child Labour

Many girls in the rural area started working in the childhood age with their parents in agriculture or housework. Due to this, they get fewer opportunities for education and stick to child labour even when they grow up.

Child marriage

Child marriages lead to stop the schools of girls. Most of the girls from rural areas drop out of school due to their marriage at an early age. And, obviously, due to the less education, they get pregnant in the minor age, which leads them to stick in the house and family and unable to continue their schools and colleges.

Legislative Provision Regarding Importance of Girl’s Education in India

After the Eighty-seventh amendment to the constitution, Article 21(A) was inserted in the constitution which provides that all the children between the age group of six to fourteen years have a Fundamental Right to receive free and compulsory education in a manner as the State may, by law, determine.

For giving the effect the provision of Article 21(A), “The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education” (RTE) Act, 2009, was enacted. This Act envisaged that every girl child has a right to receive full time free elementary education while following some important conditions.

The term “Free” means that no child shall be liable to pay any expenses incurred during his course of studies. The basic objective of providing free education is to ensure that financial constraints never become a hindrance in the basic education of girl children.

The steps taken by the government for the girl’s education :

The government of India has started numerous programs and policies with a mandate that a girl never miss out on any opportunity of being educated. After independence, a national committee of women’s education was set up in 1958 and it recommended that the girl should be educated at par with the boys. The education commission, which was set up in 1964, largely talks about the education of girls.

Recently, the new education policy (NEP) launched by the government has laid special emphasis on improving the literacy rate of women and providing them access to quality education.

Apart from it, a catena of schemes has been launched by our government to encourage girl education in the country. Some of the schemes are as follows-

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  • Ladli Scheme of Haryana
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana
  • Balika Samriddhi Yojana
  • Karnataka Bhagyashree Scheme
  • CBSE Udaan Scheme
  • Dhanalakshmi Scheme

Conclusion for the importance of girls education

The girl’s education is important for the growth of the nation as there are many benefits to educating the girl. The girls in many countries are making huge efforts for the growth of their nation. We should take the steps for women’s education by talking about the importance of education for girls. A well-educated country always grows faster. We need to increase our literacy rate so that our country can compete with other countries. The government is also providing free necessary education for children so that they can succeed in their lives and make our nation proud.

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